Let’s Moonwalk!

It was pouring down rain this morning when I woke up, so clearly the jog I had planned was cancelled. Instead I decided to try to learn how to moonwalk, it’s about time, right? So topical. Quick word of advice, if you have all carpet floors in your apartment like me, it’s not going to happen. Lay down a few broken down cardboard boxes and give it a shot.

I only fell twice! Hooray! It’s an inner ear thing, guys. I don’t have a great sense of balance. Let me know how you did! I still look like I’m just shuffling around, but I plan to keep practicing.

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  1. Did you really do this?! hahaha

    • Unlike in improv shows, I don’t lie in my blog. I gave it a shot, but I’m still a terrible moonwalker.


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