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Terrible Horrible

In case you didn’t hear, it’s been a bit windy in Los Angeles lately.  The front door of my apartment building shattered, which left me with a weird internal dilemma when I arrived home. Do I walk through it, or open the now empty frame?

I live near Griffith Park in Los Angeles, an we lost power what felt like every five minutes for the past two days. So far it’s been fine today, the wind seems to have decided to move on. The wind did its best to knock over as many trees in Los Angeles as it could, and boy was it successful.

This week in general has been pretty unlucky for me. My iPod randomly broke, my apartment building hasn’t had hot water since yesterday (they say they’re working on it), and I’m having a weird allergic reaction to who knows what that’s caused the left side of my face to swell up. It looks like I’ve had some bad collagen injections, which would be funny except I live in Los Angeles, where there’s a very real possibility people would actually think that. This week has been a pretty stark contrast to last week, which was so excellent.

Last week my twin sister flew in a few days early for the holidays. We did a little shopping (I picked up an amazing pair of Seychelles at DSW for $23), got our hair done at Dry Bar, and recorded a podcast with Hello Nerds.

Right? They're so shiny!

We then made the trip down to San Diego to stay with our older sister, who hosted Thanksgiving this year. Our parents went to Indiana to spend Thanksgiving with our Grandma, but since we couldn’t all afford to fly back, the kids met up in Socal. Since it’s not really Thanksgiving without the whole family there we renamed the holiday ‘Kidsgiving’ or ‘Piesgiving.’

My older sister wrote out a minute by minute kitchen schedule for the big day. I was seriously impressed at how planned out everything was, but it was definitely necessary. It’s hard to have 4 people cooking in a kitchen with a max capacity of 2, but we all made it work.

Brussel sprouts by moi. I did consult on the turkey though. I'm helpful.

We had planned on making leftovers pies, hence the name Piesgiving, but I think we all ended up being a little over pie by the end of the weekend, so we didn’t do it. We did, however, have delicious mini pecan pies for dessert on Kidsgiving. My older sister & her boyfriend also made some pretty awesome egg & soyrizo pies for breakfast each day. Delicious.

We also went and saw The Muppets, which was delightful. We had to pick up our tickets from customer service since the kiosks weren’t working, and I was a little depressed to hear the transaction going on in front of us. The girl before us was buying the absolute last ticket for the showing of the Twilight movie, yet our theater was half empty. Come on, America. What is happening? No cool.

This weekend I have another show at Second City, and we have to bring accents into class. Here’s hoping my unlucky streak comes to an end quickly!  Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving!


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  1. I didn’t know they sold Seychelles at DSW! Life = changed.


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