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I’ve been fixating on mushy peas for about a month now. It’s random, I know, but have you had mushy peas? They’re amazing! All the recipes I found online were either wrong (you don’t use frozen peas), or involved me ordering ingredients online. I feel weird about buying groceries on Amazon, maybe that’s just me.

I was close to ordering a Costco-size number of cans of Batchelor’s mushy peas on Amazon, but something stopped me. Was it the shopping fairy whispering in my ear that I would find them soon? No, it was the awkward conversation I’d have to make with the UPS guy when he delivered a box of canned peas to my door.

The grocery closest to me doesn’t have much of an international aisle, but I remembered Fresh & Easy having a decent one the last time I was there. Let me tell you, I hit the jackpot.

Now, I haven’t been to London since I was twelve-years-old, so I’m no expert on English culture or food, but I love my tea time and fish & chips. Yesterday I scored 3 cans of mushy peas, Fox’s Biscuits and Keiller Dundee Key Lime Marmalade (I know, Scottish, not British).

I picked up another box of Earl Grey, although I’m eyeing Samurai Chai Mate at Teavana. That, of course, would involve me getting an awesome tea infuser, in the shape of a submarine, perhaps?

Someday I’ll be able to make the trip back to the UK, hopefully to Scotland for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It sounds like San Francisco Sketchfest, but enormous and Scottish. In the meantime I’ll kick back with a cup of tea and an episode of Black Books or Doctor Who. Cheerio!


Don’t make me choose!

Yumsugar is asking readers to pick their favorite candy of all time. Things were going swimmingly until I came across Whoppers v. Peeps. Decisions, decisions.

Visualize The Weekend

It’s almost quitting time here on the West Coast, where we’re starting the weekend with the first rain of the season in LA.  It hasn’t hit us yet in East LA, but I’m patiently awaiting its arrival.

Of course with the first rain of the season comes petrichor, which Whovians know as the smell of dust after rain, or the smell of rain on dry ground. If you’re not familiar with this particular scent, wait until it rains. It’s especially lovely on fallen leaves, trust me.

That being said, don’t forget to watch the season finale of Doctor Who tomorrow, especially since you’ll have about a year to wait until the next expected episode. That should give my older sister plenty of time to catch up on the series on Netflix!

Check out the prequal to tomorrow’s episode below:
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A Pop of color

You can’t control much about a job interview, but you can control your wardrobe. I usually suggest erring on the conservative side as far as your look for a job interview, sticking close to the Disney look I had to follow during my time in the College Program, but sometimes it’s nice to show potential employers that you do in fact have a personality.

As a Staffing Coordinator, I was often asked for advice by candidates as to what to wear for interviews. The best way to determine what to wear when you don’t have a coordinator to help you out is to check the company’s website. Most companies like to brag about how awesome it is to work for them, so they’ll post photos of happy employees around the office. Take what you see and go a level or two dressier.

If the office is casual (like Google) and you see a lot of people in jeans, you won’t want to wear a suit, but of course you shouldn’t wear jeans. A good middle ground is a nice dress or trousers with a casual blazer. Make sure everything fits properly, nothing says “Don’t take me seriously,” like baggy trousers. Most dress pants are going to be too long, so if you don’t have time to take them to a tailor before your interview, either wear heels or do a quick no-sew hemming at home.

The best thing you can do to up your confidence level before an interview (besides being prepared to answer questions) is to look fantastic. When you shop for interview clothes, don’t buy only basic colors; black, navy, white, etc. Pick a nice bright color you look amazing in and find a piece that will work for your interview. The more conservative the company you’re interviewing at, the more scaled back your outfit should be. If you need to wear a suit, wear a bright blouse or bracelet, just avoid looking like you walked off the set of Hannah Montana.

Below you’ll find a few pieces to liven up your interview wardrobe.  You’re awesome! Don’t be afraid to show it!

Pop of color

It’s a Hot Chip Morning

It’s Tuesday! Exponentially greater than Monday, but it’s no Friday, am I right? This guy knows what I’m talking about.

Have a mini desk dance party to celebrate the morning!

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Have a Good Time

Fairfax Farmers Market

My parents came for a visit over the weekend, so I took them to the Farmers Market on Fairfax & 3rd. So far everyone I’ve taken to the Farmers Market has been like, “What is this place? This is awesome!” That’s a direct quote, btw.

It has a similar feel to the farmers markets I went to growing up, mostly in Indiana with my Grandpa. Everyone there is friendly and there’s a stall around every corner with something different to grab your attention. Are you looking for an overwhelming assortment of stickers? A really specific brand of hot sauce? A cake for your dog? (It’s LA, some people throw ridiculous parties for their dogs, which makes my last birthday all the more depressing).

Anyway, we were enjoying lunch when a group of… senior tourists sat down at the table next to us. We couldn’t help but overhear their conversation, and boy was someone grumpy. Of the general complaints, I specifically remember, “I’ve just never been impressed by Los Angeles.” It’s one thing to have a bad vacation, but why would you go back? Furthermore, how can you have a bad time at the Farmers Market? It’s like Disneyland!

The more I eavesdropped (I’m not proud of that), the more I realized who this group of grumpy old men sounded like; (some of) my friends back in San Francisco. The ones who have been to LA once or twice and have written it off because of the traffic or because LAX is a nightmare. Yes, LA has its problems, but every city does. If you’re always looking for something to ruin your day, you’ll eventually find it.

The next time you’re on vacation, remember to relax and have a good time. Every place has its problems, just make the best of it. And, if you’re going to take a vacation to Los Angeles, call me. I know where the cool stuff is.

– Paul Simon : Have a Good Time

Keeping Your Sanity When You’ve Lost Your Job

Being unemployed is a serious bummer, but it doesn’t have to be an end of the world, life-shattering situation.  Here are a few tips to keep your mind intact while you search for work.

1. Develop a routine.

Keep it simple, keep it fun. Get up at the same time every day (it doesn’t have to be super early, but give yourself enough time to wake up before you start applying for jobs). I’m not a morning person, so I tend to turn on some Ke$ha and dance around like an idiot until I can’t breathe. It’s a good idea to get those endorphins flowing before you have to sit down in front of the computer.

2. Stay off Facebook.

For some reason, an entire generation has decided that Facebook is a repository for all things negative. You’ll soon find yourself editing your newsfeed down to the one person who doesn’t complain about everything, and by the time you’ve done that your mood has soured. Your day is officially ruined, and suddenly you hate all your friends. It could happen to you. Along the same vein, don’t use Facebook to complain about being unemployed. It may seem like a good way to commiserate, or see if anyone has any job leads, but it makes you come off like Debbie Downer.

Not a role model.

3. Volunteer

Being unemployed is similar to being retired; you have a lot of time on your hands and it’s important to stay active. Volunteering will not only get you out of the house, it will help you meet new people (with the possibility of making some friends who are also unemployed), give you the sense of accomplishment your job previously gave you (hopefully), and it looks great on a resume! If you’re thinking of changing careers, volunteer in the industry you wish to work. It’s a great, non-committal way to try out a new job. Check out Volunteer Match for opportunities near you.

4. DIY

Now is the time to pick up a new hobby. If you’ve always wanted to know how to paint, or draw, or do yoga, now is the time to learn. I chose to learn to knit with a kit I purchased at Michael’s. Not only is knitting relaxing, but it’s a pretty inexpensive hobby that gives me a sense of accomplishment. I may not have a job, but I now have about a dozen scarves sitting around my apartment. I’m prepared for any cold weather birthdays that might come up.

5. Get out

Don’t spend every night at home watching the 3 cable channels you could afford to keep. No matter where you live there are cheap & free things to do that don’t involve your couch. Try Goldstar for interesting cheap tickets. Most comedy clubs have cheap or free nights, or sign up for a site like Gofobo to get passes for movie screenings in your city. At the very least go hang out in the park. You can always spend an hour people-watching.

Best of luck with your job search!

A to Z

If you haven’t been listening to LA’s best radio station, 100.3 The Sound, today might be the day to start. They’re playing their essential songs from A-Z. So far they’re only up to B, so you’re not too late!

If you don’t live in LA you can still listen online at The Sound LA.


Doctor Who for Non-Whovians

If you have nerd friends you may have heard them talking excitedly about the mid-season return of Doctor Who (Saturday!), and wondered what on Earth they were so worked up about. Here’s a quick guide to get you caught up before the series returns on August 27th.

A short summary of Doctor Who:
The Doctor is an alien, the last of a race called the Time Lords, aka time travelers. The original series started in 1963 and has been on and off the air, with the current series starting up in 2005. The current series is on its third Doctor, however the current Doctor is the 11th incarnation. The Doctor can regenerate, which is how they’ve managed to keep him around for decades. It’s a show for kids, technically, so there’s really not much violence despite the fact that most episodes involve the world almost ending. It’s fun. The Doctor travels in a TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space), which looks like a blue police box from the 1960’s. It’s bigger on the inside.

Matt Smith - The Eleventh Doctor

The current Doctor is played by Matt Smith, and let’s be honest, he’s a bit goofy looking. It’s not just the bow tie, either. His two companions (the people who time travel with him) are Amy & Rory, who were married last season, and had a baby this season.

There’s also River Song, who we met back in season 4. She’s a convicted murder, though we don’t yet know for sure who she killed, and also kind of the Doctor’s girlfriend. River is also a time traveler, though she’s on a different timeline than the Doctor. We’ll talk more about her in a bit.

Since Saturday is the mid-season premiere, you may want to know what’s happened so far. I’m so glad you asked.

At the start of the season, the gang was brought to America by mysterious invitations that looked a lot like the TARDIS, but weren’t signed.

Here’s where all my work was lost. Rather than go through all this again only to have the internet crash for the seventh time, here’s a video. I’m saving us all some time here.

Basically the big reveal from the mid-series finale was that River Song, a character who has remained somewhat shrouded in mystery for the past 3 years, is actually the daughter of Amy & Rory. Surprise!

The next episode airs on Saturday at 9 pm on BBC America and is called ‘Let’s Kill Hitler,’ and with a title like that, it has to be good, right?

D23 Expo Happened

I spent this past weekend in Anaheim, and I didn’t go to Disneyland! I know, it’s crazy.  I spent 3 days inside the Anaheim Convention Center talking about Disney, watching other people talk about Disney, and standing in unending lines.  It was pretty intense.

Let’s start with Friday, shall we?

We lined up early for the Disney Legends Ceremony, where they were honoring voices of various Disney Princesses, Regis Philbin, and Jim Henson.

Paige O’Hara (Belle), Lea Salonga (Jasmine & Mulan), Ankia Noni Rose (Tiana) & Jodi Benson (Ariel) sing together.

The tribute to Jim Henson was pretty exciting, and included a performance by his son, Brian Henson.

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