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Future Sailor Wednesday

Have you ever felt like someone was copying your look? I’m not terribly trendy, so I haven’t, what’s it like?  Is it cool?

The Mighty Boosh get it.  Who wouldn’t want sweet style like Vince Noir or Howard Moon? Probably most people, actually, it’s not really office friendly.


Better than the movie

Most people know Danny McBride as the “Thug Life” guy from Pineapple Express, but he’s done other stuff too. “Eastbound and Down,” Hot Rod, Tropic Thunder, and Foot Fist Way. He tends to play the same character in every role, but then again, so does his buddy Will Ferrell.

The greatest thing I’ve ever seen him in though is his appearance on “Late Night” as Fred Simmons, his character from Foot Fist Way. Watch after the jump.

The appeal of Russell Brand

Don’t ask me to explain the appeal of Russell Brand, because physically speaking, he looks ridiculous. Have you seen that hair?

A great sense of humor will overcome many obstacles however, thus explaining my appreciation for Russell.

Below you’ll find a few clips from his recent special on Comedy Central.

Russell Brand – More Death Threats
Joke of the Day Stand-Up Comedy Free Online Games
Russell Brand – Death Threat Response
Joke of the Day Stand-Up Comedy Free Online Games

Now if only my neighbor would stop crying. It’s a dude, too. How embarrassing/totally creepy.

Party Down

“Party Down” is a new show on Starz. I wasn’t aware that Starz featured original programming, other than the bunny shorts, but hey, I’ve been wrong before. “Party Down” revolves around a catering company in Los Angeles, and features Ken Marino (“The State”), Adam Scott (Step Brothers, “Tell Me You Love Me”), Jane Lynch (A Mighty Wind, Best In Show), and Lizzy Caplan (Mean Girls, Cloverfield).

The show is written by Rob Thomas (a different one), John Enbom & Dan Etheridge (“Veronica Mars”), and Paul Rudd. Paul Rudd is everywhere now. Click below to watch the trailer.

Watch the full first episode here.

Did I mention it’s being directed by Fred Savage? The show will also feature guest appearances by Ed Begley Jr., Marilu Henner, Joey Lauren Adams, Breckin Meyer, Rob Corddry, J.K. Simmons and Steven Weber.

Show starts March 20th, which I believe is the same night as the Snuggie Pub Crawl… Just saying.

Highlights Magazine, the Movie

Funny or Die
Frank Miller’s Goofus & Gallant

King Baby

I missed seeing Jim Gaffigan at the Warfield last fall because I was busy protesting the passing of Prop 8, so this material is still new to me. Smug enough for you? Yeah, I thought so.

King Baby, Jim Gaffigan’s new stand up special will air on Comedy Central March 29th. If it’s anything like Beyond the Pale, it’ll involve food jokes, and a guy with a Midwestern accent.


Oh Jimmy

Poor Jimmy Fallon. He hasn’t really been on tv for a while, and let’s face it, he was never really comfortable on SNL. I don’t know if Late Night is really the right gig for him. You would think an ex-SNL cast member would be comfortable performing in sketches, but…no. At least Conan has an excuse for being a bad actor, he’s not an actor.

You can watch last night’s episode on Hulu or NBC.
I’d post it here, but instead, I’ll post MIA!

I will admit that the opening with Conan was well played. God, I love Conan.

Sad Face

Were you aware that this is the last season of Flight of the Conchords? Because I was not.

I guess they’re having trouble coming up with new songs. Kind of saw that coming. The songs from this season aren’t quite as memorable as last season, but I still love the show.

When are they going to use Jenny??

Prepare your mind

For a mind explosion!

Mid morning Illusionators!

Today is comedy day

I know I could use a laugh. So what if this is just an excuse for me to spend the day watching clips of shows I’ve already seen? You got a problem with that?

Bite me.

Enjoy, Exit 57.
If you’ve ever seen Strangers With Candy (which you have, right???), you’ll recognize this cast. Stephen Colbert, Paul Dinello & Amy Sedaris. Exit 57 aired on Comedy Central for two seasons starting in 1995. I’ll admit, I wasn’t watching a lot of television in 1995, so I didn’t see it when it aired. I was able to download copies a while back that someone ripped from VHS tapes, so you’re not going to get great picture quality, but that’s not really the point, is it?

Dancing Muchachos:

Mugging re-enactment:

Office Crazy:
EXIT 57 – Office Crazy


School Boys:

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