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Today’s Playlist

It’s lunch time! You know what that means? Cubicle dance party!

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It’s a Music Video Made Out of Jellybeans

Isn’t that lovely? I’m really craving Pear Jelly Bellys now!

Let’s Moonwalk!

It was pouring down rain this morning when I woke up, so clearly the jog I had planned was cancelled. Instead I decided to try to learn how to moonwalk, it’s about time, right? So topical. Quick word of advice, if you have all carpet floors in your apartment like me, it’s not going to happen. Lay down a few broken down cardboard boxes and give it a shot.

I only fell twice! Hooray! It’s an inner ear thing, guys. I don’t have a great sense of balance. Let me know how you did! I still look like I’m just shuffling around, but I plan to keep practicing.

Kanye doesn’t understand the internet

As I’m sure your Facebook friends have already posted about, Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the VMA’s on Sunday night as she accepted her award for best female video by proclaiming to the crowd that Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” video was robbed! I’m not quoting him word for word here, but you get the gist.

Kanye then went to his blog to make a public apology, and in true form posted IN ALL CAPS! Voice of our generation my ass.



You know, Kanye, when you add extra O’s to the word so, it comes off as sarcastic, is that what you were going for? Because it’s working.

Bonus link, Because My Caps Lock Key is Loud. Try it with Konami Code!

Now, I was not watching the VMA’s because I was watching the season finale of True Blood, did you see it? OMG! But more about that tomorrow.

Music I grew up with

Before I actually bought my first album (which was on tape, btw), I would sit around the house playing my parents old records. I was never really into the music my friends liked, for example New Kids on the Block, but I was a little bit obsessed with the Beatles.

Yeah, I didn’t have a lot of friends. Oh well.

Check out the playlist after the jump.

1. Cry Baby Cry – The Beatles: I don’t know if this is my favorite Beatles song ever, but I used to listen to the White Album over and over.

2. Take it Easy – The Eagles: This was always a great song to wake up to.

3. Tusk – Fleetwood Mac: My sisters and I used to hang out with my parents in the study and dance like maniacs to this one. Anyone outside must have thought we were having seizures.

4. Piece of My Heart – Big Brother and the Holding Company: The album has one of the best covers, designed by Robert Crumb.

5. Heartbreaker – Led Zeppelin: Who doesn’t love Zeppelin?

6. Honky Cat – Elton John: My first introduction to Elton was through the Muppet Show, it was intense.

7. My Sweet Lord – George Harrison: My favorite Beatle.

8. Stay With Me – The Faces: As a kid, I thought Rod Stewart was a total perv, but eventually I caved.

9. I Believe in my Soul – The Animals: Eric Burdon has the most amazing voice.

10. Ramblin’ Man – Allman Brothers: Greg Allman may be creepy and weird now, but this is a great song for horribly long car trips across Kansas.

11. Love the One You’re With – Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: This is one of those catchy songs that kids never really understand. I get it now though.

12. Mr. Tambourine Man – The Byrds: It’s a Bob Dylan cover, but they make it work.

13. American Woman – The Guess Who: Yes, insert The Guess Who jokes here.

14. I Want You – Bob Dylan: So nice to relax to after school.

15. Gimme Shelter – The Rolling Stones: No contest, the best Stones song ever.

16. Gloria – Them: Vocals by Van Morrison.

17. Proud Mary – Creedence Clearwater Revival: I love pretty much any version of this song.

18. Crossroads – Cream: The first “Super Group” I love this sound.

19. Only the Lonely – Roy Orbison: I was a big fan of the shades.

20. Little Green Bag – George Baker Selection: One of my favorite 45’s.

21. Windy – The Association: My 2nd favorite 45.

22. Sunday Morning – Velvet Underground: Greatest song before the Sunday Afternoon bike ride.

23. For Your Love – The Yardbirds: I loved rollerskating in the basement on a rainy day to this one.

24. Ain’t That A Shame – Fats Domino: From the American Graffiti soundtrack.

25. Gimme Some Lovin’ – Spencer Davis Group: First heard this in the Blues Brothers.

26. Summer In the City – The Lovin’ Spoonful: I love the opening for this one.

27. One Way to Leave Your Lover – Steve Martin: Off “Let’s Get Small,” the single greatest comedy album ever. This one changed my life.

So, what music did you listen to? I want to know!

Bollywood Cosby Show opening

Video after the jump.

This is unacceptable.

Promo for SNL tonight.

Hosted by Zac Efron, musical guest Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

If he turns out to be funny on the show like Justin Timberlake, well… then what chance is there for the rest of us?

Back from vacation

Oh, hello! I went on a trip to LA. It was very nice, thanks for asking.

In my rush to skip town, I forgot to post my Road Trip playlist.

Oops. Enjoy after the jump.

New Phoenix Song

Phoenix – 1901 – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix – May 25 2009

Morning Commute Playlist

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